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Maxime international offers

  • A wide range of

    -classical post-harvest chemicals for the protection of fruit and vegetables -innovative post-harvest chemicals to be applied as fogs in confined spaces and machines for the production of these Fogs.

  • A wide range of

    waxes and application machinery for the coating the fruit.

  • A new range of natural products

    The « Green Line », for post-harvest protection of fruit, vegetables and plants (anti-oxidants, sprouting inhibitors, bactericides, fungicides, nematicides) that leave no dangerous residues.

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  • Complete technology

    for the thermal treatment of fruit and vegetables both as a stand-alone treatment or combined with our “Green Line” chemicals.

  • A wide range of

    pesticides for organic agriculture that minimize environmental impact.

  • The use of natural products

    In other fields (animal health products for the sanitation of cattle and poultry products, sanitation of grain store, sanitation of buildings and other premises)

  • Automatic labelling systems for fruit and vegetables.

    Waxes and Detergents ,Phytosanitary treatments, and Disinfectants,
    Fruit and vegetables around the world are being treated with the latest in innovative agricultural technology to clean, buff, coat and control decay. Maxime’s line of products offers the best solutions to manage your business from field to bin with organic, conventional and kosher branded products
    Coatings Maxime waxes and coatings reduce chilling injury, and delay softening and breakdown.
    Cleaners and Sanitizers Maxime cleaners and sanitizers remove inorganic deposits and excess natural wax, and reduce pathogen populations and decay.
    Fungicides Maxime fungicides provide the tools that packers need to manage decay and maximize profits.
    Storage Treatment Maxime formulates products to ensure the quality of pome fruit and potatoes during and after long-term storage.