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Maxime is not just a chemical company. Our unique value-added lab, technical and equipment services provide outstanding care for our customers to maximize efficiencies of orchard and packing systems and operations and ensure proper use of our solutions.
Our commitment to our customer is unrivaled. With frequent visits, easy access to service team members and quick response time, our service professionals are not just service providers, but have become an important part of our customer’s operations.

  • Lab Services

    Maxime’s Lab Service Team ensures accurate residue sampling of fruit and vegetable samples treated with Maxime solutions. Maximes’s in-house laboratory works efficiently to provide 24 hour turnaround time for residue results and reports for customers to monitor and adjust treatments safely and effectively.

  • Tech Services

    Maxime’s Technical Service Teams work hard to maximize the efficiency of packing and orchard operations with standard services offering assistance with: fruit conditioning, line operation, decay control, product treatments and application, fruit appearance evaluation and sanitation program development.

  • Equipment Services

    Maxime’s Equipment Service Teams assist customers with installation, mixing of chemicals, maintenance and calibration of equipment and systems for better application and treatment of solutions on the packing line and in the orchard.